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What We Do

One Weave, One Dream is broken down into different focus areas that work together in providing a livelihood opportunity for the women by educating the public and the t’nalak weavers themselves while creating a sustainable system
of production for the community.

general education

Educate the various consumers and target audience on the traditional art form behind the t’nalak weaving through our website, and marketing materials to driving them to our retail channels to generate sales


village education

Organize seminars to educate the weavers on Fair Trade, marketing and commerce basics, connect the weavers with our goals in order to achieve a sustainable supply chain as well as connect weavers with each other


sustainable supply chain

Ensure a sustainable, long-term t’nalak production through various initiatives by cultivating its raw materials such as the fiber, natural dyes and wood for looms through the help of the Department of Agriculture and other local organizations


online marketplace

Provide retail channels such as the online and print catalog, and online store to give weavers access to local and international markets to generate funds that will help alleviate the weavers from poverty